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Dear newgrounds,

2014-04-13 20:00:29 by DCzerkies42

Dear Newgrounds,

                           I seriously love this site, not just because I have followed it as a kid, but also the amount of support you give out to the artist community means alot to me. I hope to all artists that they would agree. Newgrounds has went from a website to a big community and now you have been working on video games, getting artists more involved in the world of expansion for more work. This site is big, but still not as crazy known as it can be. I am not trying to say newgrounds isn't huge, but i feel it can impact more people and more artists in so many ways. As Newgrounds you have voice actors, animators, singers, drumers, musicians of the plenty and programmers of the dozen. If you wanted to start a crazy artistic movement I truely feel you can. I probably sound like a strange person from what I am trying to say, but the art can be taught and progress can make change. If you feel to talk to me I would be pleased to speak about so many possibilities and more. 

P.s. I am sorry for whoever felt I was weird or just stating something stupid i guess, but Thank you dearly for reading if you do. Thank you. Take care.


David Czerkies


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