Well some crazy shit. :)

2013-08-21 15:56:00 by DCzerkies42

Well, I know not many people give a shit lol, but I am working on a couple of things, Recently shits been hard since robot day because of School,Work,Moving, I am now out in california by myself, and I am trying to go into animation/business I figured why the hell not make that my major.

I have a couple of projects that are paid work and not low paid work like talking 1k to more because a business is interested in how i work. :P So I have me and the guys work on that, but also I want to get some more personal stuff out. I just started school in Pleasanton,Ca which is a huge change and am working in a medical office.

My goal is a big one, but I am going to try my best to make it happen.

So I have a list of things I would like to finish and getting back onto them soon. Since my time is now more spread and working on toons is going to be more of a priority so :) I hope you guys will enjoy some stuff I am working on.


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