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Dear newgrounds,

2014-04-13 20:00:29 by DCzerkies42

Dear Newgrounds,

                           I seriously love this site, not just because I have followed it as a kid, but also the amount of support you give out to the artist community means alot to me. I hope to all artists that they would agree. Newgrounds has went from a website to a big community and now you have been working on video games, getting artists more involved in the world of expansion for more work. This site is big, but still not as crazy known as it can be. I am not trying to say newgrounds isn't huge, but i feel it can impact more people and more artists in so many ways. As Newgrounds you have voice actors, animators, singers, drumers, musicians of the plenty and programmers of the dozen. If you wanted to start a crazy artistic movement I truely feel you can. I probably sound like a strange person from what I am trying to say, but the art can be taught and progress can make change. If you feel to talk to me I would be pleased to speak about so many possibilities and more. 

P.s. I am sorry for whoever felt I was weird or just stating something stupid i guess, but Thank you dearly for reading if you do. Thank you. Take care.


David Czerkies

All they want is freedom.

2014-02-20 23:57:01 by DCzerkies42

All they want is Freedom from a corrupt governement these are people that are normal everyday workers and people in ukraine fighting and dying... This is crazy.



Well some crazy shit. :)

2013-08-21 15:56:00 by DCzerkies42

Well, I know not many people give a shit lol, but I am working on a couple of things, Recently shits been hard since robot day because of School,Work,Moving, I am now out in california by myself, and I am trying to go into animation/business I figured why the hell not make that my major.

I have a couple of projects that are paid work and not low paid work like talking 1k to more because a business is interested in how i work. :P So I have me and the guys work on that, but also I want to get some more personal stuff out. I just started school in Pleasanton,Ca which is a huge change and am working in a medical office.

My goal is a big one, but I am going to try my best to make it happen.

So I have a list of things I would like to finish and getting back onto them soon. Since my time is now more spread and working on toons is going to be more of a priority so :) I hope you guys will enjoy some stuff I am working on.

Progress On newgrounds

2013-07-06 18:12:46 by DCzerkies42

These are the submissions, this team of animators has completed within a 3 to 4 week progress :)
We be cranken them out and still have projects and possibly a big paid project :)


Also pop by their page and check more of their work.

California Curiosity?

2013-07-04 17:59:37 by DCzerkies42

Just out of curiosity? Are there any newgrouders willing to hang out around California?? Right now I am staying in the more Northern part near san fran, but I was just wondering?? because I am alone as fuck out here and I might be moving here.

I really enjoyed working with this team on this trippy morphing collab we have been working on it was a lot of fun and we all threw a bunch of ideas together and had some really good talks :P

We also said well we had so much fun animating why not all do another project together to there will be another project with the three of us.


Check out our Morph Collab We hope you enjoy it :)

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c99d623ccba9 1330fac4bdca69e661d0

Of all the things I have done i like this the most.

Voice Acting/ Update

2012-09-19 16:45:41 by DCzerkies42

Well How's it going all,

I wanted to say that I really wanna thank a lot of people :P

I haven't been doing much art, but I will be soon. I have some projects on the way, for example I have this big board with a bunch of crazy sketches and, I wanna see what Ng community will think about it. Hopefully like it. Its a strange trippy thing I draw when I am bored, Then I might do a couple of Animations My pokemon thing should be done hopefully. Just finished a project for Hopsin some guy that does music helped color and shade for animation. Now its also time for me to do some PS painting and stuff so you will see

On other hands I have voiced for couple things and i love everyone that has let me voice.

Breaking the Laws Thank you Emrox :D

Aerolith Madness Thank you Docter pepper :)
Also this is going to be a game so awesome :D

Days of Blodd Thank you bnpla for everything and will probably have a prequel.

Also I have this most recent part in the Sketch collab :D Mines trippy skull thing Sketch collab

Thanks for reading this bs

Also I would love To V/a if you contact me :D

crazyiness :)

2012-08-27 21:17:31 by DCzerkies42

Well I might be helping out Captainmcross to inbetweening with him which would be awesome I loved his pencilmations. Also I just got my first car with my own money, and I have the poke toon on the balls its almost there i just got mp3. file for V/a work so I am going to try to hit it as soon as i can.

Pic of the car :D

crazyiness :)

Past 75%

2012-08-20 23:27:07 by DCzerkies42

My Pokemon toon is coming alot very well and should be done by friday :D